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Consultancy firm to design and develop a comprehensive online web-based MIS for YECRP Project

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Consultancy firm to design and develop a comprehensive online web-based MIS for YECRP Project

RFP-YEM-0094-2020 06-October-2020

Dear Sir / Madam

We kindly request you to submit your Proposal for ICT consultancy firm to design and develop a comprehensive online web-based MIS for YECRP Project Please be guided by the form attached hereto as Annex 2, in preparing your Proposal.

Proposals must be submitted on or before the deadline indicated by UNDP in the eTendering system .

Bids must be submitted in the online eTendering system in the following link:


using your username and password.

If you have not registered in the system before, you can register now by logging in using username: event.guest password: why2change and follow the registration steps as specified in the system user guide.

Your Proposal must be expressed in the English language, and valid for a minimum period of 60 days. You are kindly requested to indicate whether your company intends to submit a Proposal by clicking on “Accept Invitation”. In the course of preparing and submitting your Proposal, it shall remain your responsibility to ensure that it submitted into the system by the deadline. The system will automatically block and not accept any bid after the deadline.

Kindly ensure that supporting documents required are signed and in the .pdf format, and free from any virus or corrupted files.

The Financial Proposal and the Technical Proposal files MUST BE COMPLETELY SEPARATE and uploaded separately in the system and clearly named as either “TECHNICAL PROPOSAL” or “FINANCIAL PROPOSAL”, as appropriate.

Each document shall include the Proposer’s name and address. The file with the “FINANCIAL PROPOSAL” must be encrypted with a password so that it cannot be opened nor viewed until the Proposal has been found to pass the technical evaluation stage. Once a Proposal has been found to be responsive by passing the technical evaluation stage, UNDP shall request the Proposer to submit the password to open the Financial Proposal. The Proposer shall assume the responsibility for not encrypting the financial proposal.

Please note that this procurement process is being conducted through the online tendering system of UNDP. Bidders who wish to submit an offer must be registered in the system. Visit this page for system user guides and videos in different languages: 


If already registered, go to https://etendering.partneragencies.org and sign in using your username and password. Use “Forgotten password” link if you do not remember your password. Do not create a new profile.

If you have never registered in the system before, you can register by visiting the above link, sign in with username below, and follow the instructions in the user guide:

  • Username: event.guest
  • Password: why2change


If you are interested to participate in this Tender, it is strongly recommended that you log in and subscribe to the Tender using “Accept Invitation” feature so you can keep updated with Tender amendments including deadline. Note that in case of inconsistencies between information in eTendering system and other premises, information in eTendering system prevails.

If you are facing login issues or have any challenges with using the eTendering system, please consult the various user guides/videos in the link below or contact the procurement focal point managing the tender you are interested in.

Si encuentra problemas de acceso o tiene dificultades para utilizar el sistema de eTendering, por favor consulte las guías de usuario y los vídeos en el enlace que podrá encontrar más abajo, o contacte con la persona de referencia de la licitación en la que esté interesado en participar.

Si vous rencontrez des problèmes de connexion ou rencontrez des difficultés lors de l’utilisation du système eTendering, veuillez consulter les différents guides / vidéos de l’utilisateur fournis dans le lien ci-dessous ou contacter le point focal des achats gérant l’offre qui vous intéresse.


To view the tender please click on the following link:




UNDP as an organization was able to help the Government of Yemen and its people, prior and after reunification, to address development needs. UNDP has notable and recognized contributions in many development sectors such as, agriculture, telecommunication, metrology, standardization and quality control, civil aviation, postal, water resources management, environment protection, microfinance, community-based development, information technology, statistical management, HIV/AIDS, local governance and decentralization, elections, improve business doing environment, and many others.

Our offices were established in both former the Yemen Arab Republic (YAR) and the People´s Democratic Republic of Yemen (PDRY) in 1966 and 1967 respectively. The two offices were amalgamated upon the reunification of the two parts of Yemen on 22 May 1990.

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  • Posted date
    Wednesday, October 7, 2020
  • DeadLine
    Tuesday, October 20, 2020
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