First Introductory Workshop to EU Grants in Yemen and EU Registration System (Bader)
  • Yemen


For the first time in Yemen, Executive Solution is glad to announce to you the first introductory workshop for the mechanism and method of applying for the European Union scholarships 2021 for Yemen.

So, register to be enrolled in the workshop, as seats are limited.


Executive Solutions Company for Studies and Consultations, the company that specialized in the field of mobilizing resources and financing for non-profit organizations.


The fees:



Event Scope:



Eligible for registration:

All humanitarian organizations and societies are interested in granting the European Union, which has a major legal entity in Yemen.


Workshop time:

When the number of participants is completed

Participants will be confirmed by direct communication later.


The place:

1.       The organizations and institutions within the Sana'a Governorate scope (they will be brought to the company's headquarters) and will be provided with location information later.

2.       The organizations and institutions outside Sana'a Governorate scope, the workshop will be held via the Zoom platform, and they will be provided with the link of the session later.

How to apply:

Send a request via email to [email protected], including the organization's profile, and contact addresses.


Applications will be reviewed, and organizations that meet the criteria will be contacted to attend the workshop.

For  inquiries, please contact us via WhatsApp number: